Orlando Zaharia

Executive Chef Pagaia

  • Age: 40;
  • In 2014 he lead Romania's team at the Luxembourg Culinary World Cup
  • In 2010 he got the "Bucharest's Golden Chef" title
  • He was Executive chef at Noblesse restaurant


„National team captain” sounds like a passage out of a proffessional athlete's biografy, but it's just one of the achievements of Orlando Zaharia who, in 2014 lead Romania at the Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg. This after in 2010 he earned the „Golden Chef of Bucharest” title.

The passion in which he continues his carrer which began at the age of 14 is found in every detail of the Pagaia concept which coordinates him as a Executive Chef. As does his boldness.Which made him in the past take responsibility of the protocol meals in the Romanian Presidency, as Executive Chef  of the Noblesse restaurant. Also as an Executive Chef, going through the emotions of opening a Ramada restaurant.

Iosif Ștefănescu

Executive Chef OSHO & Oro Toro

  • Age: 47;
  • He has over 20 years experience in gastronomy
  • He worked at Sofitel and at Radisson, where together with his team, won the "Hotel of the year" world title
  • Now he leads the Osho Primaverii kitchen along with Oro Toro, the fast food chain.


Has an experience of over 20 years in gastronomy and runs with flying colors the Osho kitchen - one of the most premium steakhouse restaurants in Romania along with the fast food chain Oro Toro.

Antonio Passarelli

Executive Chef Domeniul Știrbey

  • Age: 61;
  • He is one of the most well-known foreign chefs that worked in Romania
  • He attended culinary courses at several prestigious institutions
  • He cooked for heads of states, politicians, actors and international directors and filmmakers


„Antonio's kitchen is a concrete kitchen, of taste without excess and with no will to impress with weird shapes or gastronomic architectures that might disturb the recipe's taste.”

For Antonio simplicity is sinonymous with elegance and good taste, the concert created from the ingredients of every dish must result in pleasure without compromise.

„I always say that food is a state of spirit. Depending on how we feel in that moment, we succed in cooking and the result is seen to later”

Paul Siserman

CEO&Executive Chef Ronin Sushi Cluj-Napoca

  • Age:  43;
  • Professor & Instructor at Inkchef Academy.
  • Executive Consultat at Teatro, Sibiu
  • Until 2016, he was the owner of House of Jack
  • Won the grand prize of Red Tone, organised in Sicilly, Italy


„The cooking talent which is given to us chefs by God is a gift that only a few have the privillege of receiving. What we do with it, is our gift to God.”

Iulian Olaru

Executive Chef Le Chateau

  • Age:  38;
  • Worked at a 4 star restaurant in Tocana, Italy - La Bussola
  • Cofounder of the restaurant Meridiano
  • Attended the latest edition of "Chef la cutite" and he considers the kitchen to be a drug


CARNEXPO BEST GRILL is a competition that has in the foreground the most representatives chefs in the HoReca industry. They will have the mission of blind tasting and offering medals to romanian meat manufacturers.